In order to train and or look like an athlete one must eat like an athlete. Your workout is only as good as you are nutritionally supported ! It is Scientifically impossible to off set the side effects of a poor diet with rigorous exercise. Give your body and your workout the advantage it needs with Whole Food, Non GMO, Gluten free, Organic Supplements and Energy bars. there just a click away !




   As a Certified Fitness Professional for 27 years and ​having worked in the customer service industry for 28 years, my goal has been, to help facilitate transformation in peoples lives. 


I work cooperatively with individuals to bring them back to their previous quality of life or introduce them to a new and more holistic healthier quality of life.



Ken Ford's Body Fusion Class Demo Below



Bryan Tobin NASM C.P.T 

Women's Fitness Specialist


Bryan first joined the fitness industry as a member of the Team BeachBody coaching system helping individuals reach their fitness goals online and in person. He began holding local group workouts where people could exercise and learn the importance of nutritional supplements in their diets. 


 In early 2010 Bryan joined Spa Lady as a group instructor and progressed to a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Fitness Professional. He still leads classes but now focuses on individual training for weight loss and overall health. Bryan focuses his clientele on a regimen of both resistance training and cardio as a way to jump-start their metabolism and burn fat. With other areas such as flexibility, core stabilization, balance, and focus intertwined, he strives to make everyone reach their personal goals of a healthier self.


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