(Twelve Fundamental Movements of Strength Training)

Strength Training done aerobically !


 Weight lifting and Aerobic exercise need not be two separate paths.  Ken Ford’s System called "Aerobic Strength Training bridges the gap, bringing together the most intense, explosive 30 minute strength training workout you’ll ever experience


Ken Ford’s, systematic, sequence of continuous movements, which incorporates the twelve fundamental movements of strength training, has you move almost non stop, working primarily with dumbbells to build and tone every muscle group in your entire body. Strength training in this fashion gives the client an intense aerobic fat burning workout !


Ken knows:

1.) Cardio is accumulative, meaning that;

2.) Cardio is not TIME dependent, but INTENSITY/FREQUENCY dependent.


  For optimal results, personalized treadmill and StairMaster workouts should be no more than 20 minutes a day, with goals set for increases in INTENSITY not duration !


"I am confident that when my clients follows these guidelines that I've set down in training and Nutrition, while  also facilitating

"3D's",  Determination, Dedication and Discipline, only then can result's  be guaranteed" 


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                                                        Ken Ford, C.ES., F.N.S., BCS.