Spiritual Nutrition






Mother Natures Nutritional Law, is that eating a Raw Vegan, High water content fruit rich diet: With tender leafy Greens and small amounts of soaked Nuts/Seeds, is the most direct path to transferring 

power from pure light into a form that sustains life itself! 


“Life Force”. A plant 

is sustained by collecting sunlight via photosynthesis. Life-force is transferred 

directly to the human physical body consuming the plant—like a flame passed 

from one candle to another. This is the way “Life Force” energy is transferred 

from one living thing to another in the form of living foods.


In our “sophisticated” human civilization, however, we have learned to cook and 

otherwise kill most of our food. Remember that all the Herbivores and carnivores in 

the wild eat foods whole and intact

directly as it comes from nature.

Humans however put it on fire

 destroying  the life-force (Enzymes) and much of its nutritional value. then wonders why humanity gets sick. !


 Nowadays, we lace our food with chemical additives, preservatives, coloring agents, and emulsifiers.


• Heated oils and fats create mutations in our cells (Cancer) and oils become carcinogenic.


• Vitamins and minerals become less available.


• Enzymes are lost.


• Proteins are denatured.


• Sugars are caramelized.


• Water is reduced.


• Fiber is refined to the point of losing much of its benefit.


A daily dose of these empty cooked foods (Highly Addictive though they may be) leave our bodies handicapped

to rebuild cells or to reform other important metabolic functions. Year after year of eating  Nutritionally depleted food is more than our body can cope with, AND NO AMOUNT OF PHYSICAL FITNESS CAN OVER RIDE THIS! the results are easily predictable:


Dis-ease; Low Vitality; Loss of Quality of Life; loss of spiritual and mental clarity; finally, shortened mortality.